GUM by Jeff Prace
Magic is all about giving. Giving an experience of wonder, laughter, and excitement. But wouldn't it be great to give all that AND something that's slightly longer lasting?

Enter Jeff Prace. GUM by Jeff Prace takes this simple RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Jeff is pretty much doing what many WISH they could have done growing up. Blowing people away with super cool close-up MAGIC with gum. And people are eating - well, chewing it up!

Orbit: A pack of gum with only one piece left instantly turns into a full pack. You can then immediately hand out a piece of gum to a hungry spectator.

Re-Wrapped: A chewed piece of gum stretched between the magician's hands magically wraps itself into a brand new piece! Both hands are shown empty and the gum can immediately be given away as a sweet souvenir.

Insta-Wrap: Another handling of the chewed to wrapped gum effect. This handling is on STEROIDS!

Back in Time: The magician presents a time travel experiment, and in doing so wraps a chewed piece of gum and alters a photograph!

All these effects are practical, visual, and easy to perform.
"Solid Practical Coolness. This kid is going to be DANGEROUS!"
- Paul Harris

"It's visual, magical and oh so minty fresh. Love it."
- John Guastaferro

"Jeff Prace is EXTREMELY clever. He reminds me of me... except for the clever part."
- Geoff Williams

"Sweet, really sweet."
- Paul Green

"Jesus was to bread and fish as Jeff Prace is to peppermint chewing gum... this is a MIRACLE!"
- Derek Hughes
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