Jeff Prace

Magicians have an odd obsession with tearing and restoring playing cards. Since the creation of the plot in 1858, hundreds of variations of this staple in magic have been invented. Now you can learn what is being called the most deceptive version ever released.

Imagine having a card selected and signed. The corner of the card is then cleanly and fairly ripped off. The torn corner is given to the spectator to hold while the front and back of the card is shown. The corner is marked with the spectator's initials, and then the corner is visually restored back onto the card. Everything is immediately examinable by the audience.

-Easy to do

-Resets in seconds

-Uses a regular deck of cards

-No table required

The DVD includes multiple handlings, including Jeff's original presentation where the card restores whilst being held by the spectator. You will learn step-by-step the process of performing this piece of card magic.

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