At only 23 years old, Jeff has become recognized in the magic community for his unique, offbeat style of magic. Growing up practicing the classics of magic, and later switching concentrations to street magic, Jeff is familiar with all genres of the art.

​​Known to be one of magic's most forward young thinkers, Jeff's creations have been printed in seven of magic's most prodigious magazines: MAGIC, Genii, Reel Magic, Antinomy, Penguin Magic MonthlyThe Linking Ring, and Magicseen. Having first being published in 2008, Jeff is the youngest magician to be featured in the above periodicals. His "one-man" 'Talk About Tricks' and feature in MAGIC's 'Expertalk' column were widely well received.

In late 2009, Jeff released his first public product: GUM. Receiving five-star reviews both in print and online, Jeff quickly became a prominent name among young magicians. Since that time, Jeff has released several more successful products, including Keylicious and The Silencer. Many new innovations are currently in the works.

Jeff also writes regular columns for two of magic's leading journals: Genii and The Linking Ring. His 'Left-Handed' column in Genii breaks down creative principles used to develop magic tricks. 'The Expert at the Tech Table' appears in The Linking Ring, and the articles teach amazing magic with technology.

Jeff graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with degrees in Supply Chain Management and Marketing, and he now works in San Francisco with a career in digital marketing.